standing media on its head


Navigating today's vast and rapidly expanding media landscape, Assemble Partners has developed a deep understanding of ongoing and repeatable success. We know that delivering measurable return on media investment is the requirement, so we focus on it. we know what works.

With our clients’ needs foremost and several years in development, we've built three media products that are optimized for successful returns. Assemble's AUDIO, MASS and PUBLIC media products are primed to go to market today. we're ready to make media work harder for you.

Our media products are pretested + preassembled to help our clients tell the world about their companies and products without hesitation. we want to make the process easier, too.

For our clients who are ready to ditch tired implementation practices in favor of a new and high yield approach, we're launching the vanguard product MARKET. Assemble MARKET upends seller advantage by leveraging a truly free offline market for our boldest clients. Continuing to buy media in the conservative way it's done today is risky. we're introducing a new path with huge upside.


We've had the honor of partnering with exceptional clients, demonstrating and sharpening the efficacy of Assemble's approach. Having molded our approach into innovative products, we are proud to offer the Assemble Media Product Line.


Several years in the making, Assemble's products issue with proven cost structures, successful strategies and powerful returns baked in, allowing our clients streamlined and immediate access to hardworking media.

assemble MEDIA products


assemble AUDIO. 

If your tv spend is working, that's a good start. But the way we place radio, adding AUDIO to the mix will always outperform tv alone. And you'll reach key segments of low tv viewers who aren't hearing you now. AUDIO is an optimized radio product primed to improve performance.

assemble MASS.

Assemble's MASS product concentrates high quality, highly efficient drive-to-site performers into one powerful package. This dynamo offers opportunity to coordinate and recharge messaging. We're using size, efficiency and quantity to create MASS, like a swarm of worker bees, buzzing furiously and yielding honey.

assemble PUBLIC. 

Each week public radio reaches 40 million dedicated, educated and active listeners in what may be the last uncluttered medium. Somehow agencies continue to neglect this podium as part of the mix. We don't. We're experts in this space where we believe all major spenders need to be. For awareness PLUS return on investment, PUBLIC speaks volumes.

assemble MARKET.

The media marketplace has its own rules and transparency has not been one of them. Standard go-to-market practices benefit the seller. If your company is forward thinking and flexible, Assemble MARKET will deliver unprecedented media value. Let’s reinvent this industry together.