Right Here, Right Now

Without a doubt, the neighborhood a communications company lives in affects the communication it creates. The neighborhood should be brimming with energy, diversity, youth, architecture, culture, great food, parks and convenient transportation; thus inviting the best talent.

Our neighborhood has a heritage of innovation and innovators; here the Gershwins composed Rhapsody in Blue, marrying classical music with jazz; Warren Buffett learned about value; and the Manhattan Project was assembled to fight Germany’s atomic threat. Here, our current President and both Roosevelts went to college and here, today, 15,000 of our nation’s top students study liberal arts, music, acting, film, business, law and medicine.

Ours is a vibrant, diverse community, at a high point in Manhattan, home to the nation’s biggest Cathedral; where we share Pad Thai, chocolate brioche, falafel and empanadas; where to the west the sun sets over the Hudson River, to the northeast we see the birthplace of hip hop and to the south we overlook old Madison Avenue and the Freedom Tower beyond.


This, we think, is the place to start a media company.

A striving nexus just a few subway stops from the companies with whom we are partnering to shape the future of this business.

This is our stage, from where to usher change to the way great companies tell the stories of the great products they make.