Why Assemble?

Throughout history, people have come together in times of change. To free a nation. To defeat an enemy. To achieve greatness.

The freedom to assemble was so important to the founding fathers of the United States that this right is explicitly guaranteed in the first amendment to the constitution.

We believe the current, evolving media landscape demands a time of assembling for those of us in the business of communicating the benefits of products and services to those who might enjoy or need them. We know our clients need agility when they seek marketing help and thus our promise – to make your job easier, to make your company more successful. So we are lean and quick, and always at the ready to assemble our partners, be they filmmakers, digital innovators or media vendors, in order to solve your problems.



We believe media strategies have been stuck in a rut for too many years, but we see clearly the potential for media platforms to tell stories, grow businesses, create jobs and spread economic health. Our company believes in Assembling Partners to build greatness.

If you believe the same, give us a call at 212-222-3537.